Thursday, October 12, 2006

Brief Update + Some Classic Electro

I've managed to fix the problems I was having with the sidebar by messing about with the HTML in the template. If you're having problems viewing all of the page then you'll need to change your resolution size to at least 1000 x 760 pixels.

I'd also like to big up Scholar at Souled On Music (link in sidebar) for mentioning this blog on his own site. Visitor numbers have rocketed almost overnight, so please return the favour & visit his site if you haven't already.

Absolutely manic at work at the moment, hence the lack of updates so far this week. However, I have managed to find an open directory with some serious old school singles & a few electro albums. The link I've put below is to the Crucial Electro 1984 album. It includes the classic "Rockit" by Herbie Hancock (one of THE best breakdancing/popping tunes of all time) on side 1 & "Al-Naafyish (The Soul)" by Hashim on side 2.

For those of you who don't know much about the Streetsounds Electro series of albums, please visit the following link for more info

As stated on the vinylvulture site, "By far the most coveted of the Streetsounds releases were the Electro series. These albums introduced the UK to the developing hip-hop scene from America - a stroke of genius that brought electro and early hip hop from the underground to the UK high street and, one could argue, helped in the creation of the UK's hip hop scene".

PS: If you do visit the tribalhiphop link, make sure you check out the parent directory - there are some great singles on there from the likes of Man Parish, Major Force West, Original Concept & The 45 King to name but a few.

PPS: Don't forget I'm still looking for suggestions for future posts. Leave a comment at


Blogger Scholar said...

SD---Gratitude for the kind words. I hope to send many more readers your way over time. I read a ton of blogs, and it's rare that someone's site really impresses me. Feel like I've just about seen it all, so to speak. Ego Trippin' was dope to me from the very beginning---great title, content, and delivery. Keep it up, and ET will be HUGE one day.

Be easy...

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