Friday, September 29, 2006

Behold The Detonator

I noticed over at Crooklyn's Classics, they've done a great piece on 1989

There's a fine selection of albums there, most of which I bought 1st time round. The real gem for me is Tuff Crew's "Back To Wreck Shop".

Tuff Crew were around at the time of, what i call, the Philly almost-Revolution. As we all know, NY is where rap started. It didn't really have any rivals til the West Coast got in on the act - but Philadelphia almost changed that by bringing us Schoolly D, 3x Dope & Steady B. And then came the Tuff Crew. With four fast-paced rappers mic-sharing, blowing their own trumpets & doing their best to brag about 'their part of town', they were backed up by one of the finest DJ's from this period... DJ Too Tuff. Or, to give him his full title, DJ Too Tuff The Deuce Ace Detonator.

Boy, could this guy scratch! Listen to him absolutely rip up some Public Enemy lyrics, horns & chants in "Behold The Detonator" on the Wreck Shop album, particularly the horn. It's worth downloading the album for just to hear his scratching techniques.

I tried researching the Tuff Crew on the net but there's very little about them. Probably because they never crossed over to the mainstream & they were on a small independent label. However, I did come across this video clip of "Robbin Hoods" (NB: this track is NOT on the Wreck Shop album).

And if you're not sure about getting the Wreck Shop album, try listening to the My Part Of Town remix over at



Blogger EMVEE1 said...

Hey, nice blog- thanks for the link, I just added you to ours.

Tuff Crew are legends in their own right, no doubt about it. DJ Too Tuff is one of the most slept on DJ's in hip hop, good to see he has re-surfaced in recent times but unfortunately he got locked up recently for a parole violation. Hopefully he gets out soon and keeps making music.


3:07 PM  
Blogger Screaming Donkey said...

Thanks for the info re Too Tuff. I didn't know that. Was thinking about running an article on artists who've had trouble with the law, particularly Cool C & Steady B. Just gathering more info at the mo.

You got a good blog there. Was thinking of linking to your "Footwear" mp3 as part of my Run DMC article. Anyways, keep up the good work

3:34 PM  
Blogger Crooklyn said...

Props on the mention!!!

4:55 PM  
Blogger Screaming Donkey said...

You're welcome Crooklyn. Keep up the good work on your blog

6:21 PM  

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