Friday, September 29, 2006

Artist Profile: Run DMC

"Run-DMC broke down the barriers. They were the first real rap stars. Everyone in the game today owes something to them." - Eminem

This quote sums up why I thought my first Artist Profile should be Run DMC.
There are very few hip hop artists that can be labelled as legends; these 3 guys from Hollis, New York are in that select few.
Comprising of Joseph Simmons (Run), Darryl McDaniels (DMC) & Jason Mizell (Jam Master Jay), their first single "It's Like That" was released in 1983 but for me it was the Raising Hell album of 1986 that defined them & put them in the premier league of hip hop artists.

Run may have had the good fortune of being brother to producer Russell Simmons (of Rush Productions), partnering the already-established Kurtis Blow for a brief period, but that can't detract from the fact that he had real talent. When he linked up with school friend DMC, and later brought JMJ in to the fold, the result was dynamite. They engineered hip hop's move away from disco-based backing tracks, replacing them with raw drum beats that sounded much more "street". Their dress sense too was different from what had been before; dressed in black with fedora hats & trainers (sneakers) instead of spangly, sequined nonsense!

One of the things that made Run DMC so special for me was the lyrical partnership between the two MCs. The way the lead vocal could switch so cleanly & crisply from say Run to Dmc & then back again, often mid-sentence, was an art form they made their own. Take the 1st verse of Peter Piper for instance. I can't think of a record since (and certainly not before) where this skill has been done with such perfection.

I suppose one of the tracks that they'll be remembered by is their collaboration with Aerosmith on "Walk This Way". Although I didn't particularly like this song, it managed to bring rap music to the masses in a way that hadn't been achieved before. Overnight, they became rap's first true "superstars" & can lay claim to some groundbreaking firsts -
the first rap act to go gold (and platinum), have a video aired on MTV, receive a Grammy nomination & appear on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.... the list goes on.

Raising Hell was quite simply a brilliant album, delivered at the right time, and they deserved the success it brought them. They were at the pinnacle of their game but, as in all genres, you can't stay at the top forever.

Whether it was the fact that the next album (Tougher Than Leather) wasn't as good as it's predecessor or whether it was the fact that new artists (such as Public Enemy) came along with a different style/sound/direction, one thing's for sure.... by the time 1989 came about, Run DMC's popularity amongst the true hip hop fans was starting to wane.

A succession of mediocre albums followed before the 3 guys went their separate ways, pursuing solo careers of limited success. They reformed on occassion but were never to return to the heights they reached in the 80's.
Maybe they just didn't have a place in the scene because it had moved on so much? Whatever the reason, and whatever you think of them, you have to admire them and pay respect to them for their contribution to hip hop. As Chuck D said "They are our Beatles".

As sad as their fall from grace may seem to a purist like me, the worst was yet to come. On October 30th 2002, Jam Master Jay was shot & killed in a recording studio in New York. Many theories have been branded about as to why he was killed & who killed him, the case remains unsolved.

In my search for further info on this piece, I came across some interesting links. Firstly, here's a great clip of a JMJ tribute performed by DJ Premier (of Gangstarr fame), Grandmaster Flash, Kid Capri & Jazzy Jeff

A few interesting tribute sites here.... - where you can leave you're own tribute - a very well written piece - a touching, heartfelt tribute

Run DMCs first two albums (with respect to the guys at the Bust The Facts blog for uploading - one of the best on the net in my opinion)

Run DMC - "Run DMC" (1984)

Run DMC - "King of Rock" (1985)

If anyone has a link to the Raising Hell album, please feel free to post it in the comments section.


Blogger BULLANT said...

Nice write up, good to see someone putting knowledge on post.

Keep the shit up.


thanks for the link, we'll add yours in the next couple of days.

2:04 AM  
Blogger BULLANT said...

I just noticed Emvee already has.


2:05 AM  
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